Borejangi Bhaijaan


The graceful child, and a failing grace.

Bajrangi Bhaijaan is supposedly Salman’s best movie and is supposed to get him a National Award, if he does end up winning it, this will be the lowest point of our Industry.

The movie is mediocre at its best. With a non existent storyline, and over dramatization, BB is an extended Ekta Kapoor TV show. The kid was definitely the saving grace of the movie and if Kareena has got her payment in full for being the lead actress of this movie, she’s literally robbed the producer for a living.

Nawazuddin siddiqui as Chand nawab had a decent outing and could have been used even more effectively. The rest of the crew were just additions to an already lost plot.

Songs which are insipid and logic which was last remembered right before the movie started being shot are the greatest deficits of the movie. I’m no hater or a rater but the best thing about the movie was the picturesque locales. Thanks for taking us through the gorgeous Kashmir valley and the wonderful Thar desert.

The next time there is a rebate on the tickets spent on this movie, I’ll be the first person to lift my hand up and shake my head like never before.