33% of nonsense.


So, I get on to this heavily crowded 23C bus at Teynampet, Chennai and look at 4 seats empty. I look at all the men standing there and all they’re up to, is to wait for women to adjust and sit besides one another but to no avail. I turn up trying to be the savior and get the nasty look from all of the ladies. I go to the conductor and complain about it, and he says, ‘aren’t you man enough to stand through your bus route?’ 

No, I’m not saying, don’t be chivalrous and offer your seat or offer help to a woman, but not at the cost of them overruling men. Women always get the better out in an argument, let it be sentiment or in general, they always get the ruling on their terms and desires.

Coming to the point, why a reservation of 33% to women? Why does a bus have 5 rows reserved for them? Why do they get special treatment? Is it because they are a minority? Or is it just because they’re women? I need serious answers to this, based on current facts. Not on factorial data collected when my grandmother was in her early periods.

They claim to be the future to the world. Demand power and responsibility more than anyone else. From Indira Gandhi Ji to Ms. Indra Nooyi, every woman is an inspiration by herself but why in the name of god does the country have to reserve 33% to women? If you claim to be equal to men, and can get your bread and butter working in the same company in a cubicle adjacent to a man, what makes you deserve 33% of extra goodies?

I’m not being a chauvinist, nor a narrow-minded idiot supporting the atrocities men are causing women at various parts of our tradition rich country. I standby the idea of education to all and hope to be a part of this movement sometime in my life, but reservations are something I’d kill myself to be removed altogether.

If one claims to be equal, prove it to the world. I had put up a status on FB earlier this week to test the response from women. It was this ‘Women are a lucky breed. You study, you marry a bright and smart guy. You don’t study, you still get married to a rich, bright and a smart guy.’ and you should have seen the comments. It varied from ‘Do I have to quit my Million dollar research for a guy’ and ‘Men are the soul reason for us to not achieve our goals.’

Why do men have to get blamed for your weakness? You as a person stand by yourself and work for your future. So what if a man is trying to suppress you? Does it mean you aren’t good enough to take over a life you’ve always wanted? In that case, you don’t deserve a dream to look forward to.

I’d settle for 33% of extra cheese cake but never reservation especially for the opposite sex when they claim to be equals. I’ve been a victim of reservations myself. Under deserving people make it to the top, which is why I’m against this and will stand by this word till my power chord is intact.

Thanks for reading this, if you are outraged, please go comment and vent your anger. If not, please visit this place again.