Argo, F*ck yourself


I’m elated to be a part of the 21st century cinema industry that I get to see some of the greatest movie makers, actors, and actresses give their best in every movie they come out with. Some click and the others just don’t.

One such mellowed click is Argo. Under rated with little or no publicity in the Indian market, Argo has to be one of the best movies made in 2012. The essence in Hollywood is that every hero gets a chance to make his mark, which is completely biased in the case of Indian cinema.Ben affleck, Breaking bad’s Meth Guru Bryan Cranston and Alan Arkin with his wit, charm and George Clooney with an intelligent investment, have made this masterpiece with such excellence and flair.

Politics aside, Based in the 80’s, Argo is about saving 6 American diplomats trapped in the war-zone of Iran. Its a movie in a movie but a fake one. The entire movie revolves on that previous line I just wrote. I do not want to roll out any more of this amazing bundle of surprises, twists and turns which will enthrall you all through the running time of 2 hours and a pinch more. 

If you’ve got time, a real good appetite for good cinema, and a sense of spending money wise, all you got to do is book tickets to this thriller. As the movie finishes, all y’all would be out screaming, “Argo, F*ck yourself.” If you didn’t, well, you could just do that last bit of the screaming to your inner self.

In Argo, we believe. 

P.S: Empty your bladders because you don’t want to miss even a 100th of a second of this movie.