Hire, and fire but have no desire.

4373463419_03b28839c7_o_dHey Chelsea fans,

I like the word hypocrite, mostly because I am one. Selective perception is something we all stick to at the right time and deny when people question our integrity. I start this post with such words because I see both of this in every Chelsea fan I’ve come across. I like their club, I’ve nothing against them. For all that, I like their owner. No nonsense attitude. I’m a huge lover of English football. I was happy when they lifted that Champions League title to showcase that English clubs have not vanished after all.

Coming to today’s scenario. They’re about to appoint their 10th manager since 2007. Wow! So much talk about stability and so much intolerance towards their managers. They’ve one of the best squads in the world, leave alone the country and still have failed multiple times this season. Why? Because their manager was bad? Or was it their lacklustre stars who cared nothing more than getting things done their way?

Whether you like it or not, Mourinho is a winner. 23 cups across various clubs is no joke. Winning a treble with a team who were literally on the verge of being called “also rans” is his greatest achievement, but I wonder, for all that he’s achieved on the field, his arrogance and manners kill those accolades in an instance. Nothing pisses off people more than being cocky but he always crosses the line. Maybe that’s his style but looks like it’s costed him thrice in his short lived career.

For all the chit-chat about why Mourinho coming back to Chelsea was a blessing in disguise, I wonder what has changed in a short span of 4 months that he’s gone from being called the “Champion of England” to just another human being who’s got his “contract cancelled by mutual consent.”

What’s irking and irritating me is that not one Chelsea fan I’ve come across has had a go at Roman. Not one post, one petition, one hurl, or a protest against the big man. For all the foul-cry about Mou getting sacked these fans have portrayed across media, not one soul has had the guts to lash out at the owner and make him listen to their plea.

Why? Are you lot afraid to lose a sugar daddy? Or do you know for a fact that, not ounce of your nonsense will be borne by the lord? For all the “I love Chelsea a lot” chant you lot put out, I doubt if half of it would be true if Roman left you today, at this very bloody moment. Stop playing your victim card when you want to, and be the slaves of your king when it’s your time. Stick to one side. If you think being black or white is the reason Arsenal and Arsene have failed to win anything for over a decade, then my friend, in the coming decade, your grey area will be something which will be painted black by your owner and you’ll have nothing but a tag of being a football fan.

If you do love Mourinho, show your pride. Thierry spoke about players showing pride on the pitch but you lot should show that pride off it. If you do love your club so much, get your owner to listen to you and you’ll see what difference you can make.

Until then, request you lot to shut the eff up, mind your own gob and business, and stop pointing fingers at me, my club or my manager because we have always finished in the top 4 with the likes of Squillaci, Almunia, Denilson and Lord Bendtner. You lot failed to be in the top 10 with “the greatest defender of all time”, “the best youngster of last year”, and the “world’s best manager” at the helm.

Wishing you lot a better second half. Ciao!

Warm Regards,

Just another Gooner


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