Brahmin? Oh, you’re one of them!

My day starts with ‘Kausalya supraja…’ and ends with probably ‘fevicol se..’ late into the night. My parents and I are god believers and I can never start my day without uttering gayatri japam for at least 9 times in utter peace. Yes, I’m a brahmin, and I’m very proud to be one among the second most populated country in the world. Living in a country where the forward caste are the minorities in reality, I should say, being a brahmin is one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever got. I mean no offence to others by saying so.

I see my other friends, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and sub castes in Hindus and all of them fall on the same conclusion that a Brahmin is one who cannot do or is not supposed to do certain things. Well if that’s the case, let him/her face a social stigma and let’s differentiate him from others because ‘He/She’ doesn’t eat meat, doesn’t smoke, or neither drinks like one of us.

I look at some of my friends from school and recall how they were, and how they are now. I’m not preaching you to do your godly rituals and be a preacher of god, but stick to your principles. If you call it bogus, well you’re literally throwing away culture right into the bin because being hip is the in-thing.

Muslims for instance, are one of the most sincere and pious people I’ve ever come across. Let it be a mosque, a hut, a gully or on the road, when its time for prayer, everything comes second. I can probably count the number of rebels in the next 30 seconds and still be assured that if not daily, he is in the mosque on a friday. You try convincing a muslim to eat pork, or meat which is not halal, he will refuse it altogether and may even starve for the next few days until he finds something to eat worthwhile, but when you see the same Muslim forcing a brahmin to eat something which he’s not supposed to, its just being friendly and trying to introduce him to a new cuisine.

If you try to counter such things, you’re just being a prick and unsocial. A person who can never stick to his principles and has no will power needs no caste to prove his worth. Changing people and manipulating them with guilt is the new social bonding people have been using. Be it about dhothi or about doing puja, if you’re involved in it, you’re just typical and a social bond with typical people is better avoided because then, everybody in the society will think otherwise.

I would like to end it by saying, do whatever you want, but don’t be convinced for what others think you are not.


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