Jab tak thi jaan

There are two things in life I’ve decided not to do.
1) Watch another SRK movie
2) Any form of an Indian love story.

Jab tak hai jaan has justified its name. It took away all the jaan from me.

An aged SRK, a hot bimbo in katrina and a chatter box in Anushka. Typical Yash raj characterizations. What’s new to the movie is.. err.. an unwanted so called ‘bikini’ and the pecks. Supposedly SRK has a no kissing policy, like the Americans were going to let Iran nuke them if he hadn’t done it.

The plot is simple, rich girl, poor guy, punjabi sentiment, a fortnight of meeting, an underground club dance (I wish I could get away with such pathetic dancing and still score someone like Katrina), a couple of coffees and finally a ride to Katrina’s long lost mother, who apparently found true love after living for 12 years with her husband.

The movie has so many loopholes that katrina had to use all the plastic on her face to keep it running. Anushka has done so much justice in her role that I almost thought of considering an Army job. Damn, if only such hot ‘instant makeout instant break up’ chicks were a part of any job, leave alone the Army.

I’ve heard that in recent times ARR reads the scripts of movies before going ahead with the music. I doubt how he said yes to this. The BGM is so poor that I started hating the only good song of the movie at the end of it.

You know what could have made this movie a good one? A script with some logic and sense. Also, if I’m going to see comments on Yash jis death and me respecting his movies? I’m sorry folks, you can unfollow me. I don’t fall for sentiment. Its pure opinion, rather fact based society we live in and this movie was as good as SRK’s last one in My name is khan.

Raw deal: Go ahead and watch it if you are a) blonde b) bored out of your guts c) for katrina’s hot legs and slutty clothes and d) Anushka’s Incest trials. Definitive paisa wasool in that case.


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